Why We Do It

Every kid deserves a birthday party because it is a special occasion that celebrates their life and existence. A birthday party is an opportunity for children to feel valued and loved.

Celebrating a child's birthday is an important milestone. It creates memories that will last a lifetime, giving them a sense of belonging and creating a positive impact on their emotional well-being.

Overall, a birthday party is a special event that every child should have the opportunity to experience, as it helps them to feel loved, valued, and celebrated.

The Story Behind It All

I’d like to share my story as to why Building Better Birthdays became what it is and why I did it.

I will not share on my domestic violence as that is a story that involves my daughter, and is her story to tell as much as it is mine.  Just understand I know what it is like to have your life shifted by the hand of someone else. I am not a victim. I am survivor.

Ten years ago, I was a victim to the most unspeakable crimes you can think a woman can endure. I was tortured and violated. My life was destroyed and I turned to drugs. I lost the very children I once so strongly tried to protect. I am grateful for the family I have for being able to support my kids when I wasn’t able to. It is because of them we are who we are.

Fast forward through a lot of work, rebuilding,  recovery, and humility, and here I am. With my children, my husband, and a future I can have faith in. I have never felt safer and less judged by the guilt I have carried by my own decisions and the decisions of others.

To those in shelters-
  Girl, I know it sucks. You're hurt, inside and out, and in ways you cannot even understand yourself. Your kids are confused and confined, and that only makes them demand more of you when you have nothing of you left. You loved him (or maybe not) and thinking maybe that was easier than this.
I PROMISE you, it gets better, And when it does, it will all be because of you. Tell your future self  "Good job".  I know you are hurt, I know you are struggling. You are worth it.
You are loved.

Foster parents- Thank you. Your selfless act is allowing them to have a temporary home to be loved and cared for when their parents cannot. They need you.
You are loved.

Bio-parents- Thank you. This is a hard time, but it is worth it and you’re doing a great job. Heal, for you and your kiddos. They need you. You are loved.

To the children- It will be okay. Your parents are fixing themselves to be better for you. I know it’s hard, but take this time to breathe and know everything will be okay in the end. I’m sorry you are hurting. You are loved.

Building Better Birthdays, Inc. is my way to the world to offer every child, every person taking care of another person's child, and every parent struggling to get theirs back who have been effected by addiction and abuse, can see hope and know they aren’t alone.

This is my dream, my passion, and my power.

Kristina Nipp
Building Better Birthdays, Inc.