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We'd gotten told about Building Better Birthdays as we were getting foster kiddos and one of them had a birthday within 4 days of coming into our home. Kristina had worked hard to get everything done and ready for this kiddo to have the best birthday possible! To me, she and everyone who donated, went above and beyond the expectations. This kiddo still talks about that party and the fun they had! We'll definitely be asking Building Better Birthdays to help out with other foster kiddos we have!


Building Better Birthday's recently made all our foster daughters birthday dreams come true. She felt so special with themed decorations, her top favorite gifts, and an amazing mini cake just for her. They were great at keeping us posted along the day and had a great form to assure they had all the right info! All her friends went home with the most adorable party favor bags! We couldn't have done it without them! Thank you Kristina!


I am so thankful for Building Better Birthdays! They made our foster son's birthday the most incredible day!

He recently came to us with a small duffel bag of clothes and practically nothing else to call his own. Through this amazing company and sponsors, he received wonderful gifts and things that now get to belong to him!! Kristina went above and beyond with decorations, cake, gift bags for the kids, and even took the time out of her extremely busy day to say hi and get to know our foster son and make him feel so special and important. I can't express how thankful I am for what she and their sponsors did for him.


This organization is amazing! We have two foster kids and they had birthdays in the same week. The 9 year old has been in foster care for half of his life and said he never had a special birthday, like the other kids he knows. We told Building Better Birthdays that he loved going to the jumping place with a friend once.
We gave her some ideas on gifts he likes, colors and themes he likes, and she worked the magic. He was blown away by the whole party. "just for me". Then later that week our 14 year old who had never had a birthday and was nervous about anyone giving him attention or spending $ on him arrived to a bowling alley with presents and cake. He was so appreciative.
Thank you!

Bethany & Matthew